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Philip Flow


the quality of being genuine or true

My own personal transformation was a clear indication of the immense strength and softness that we each hold when we tap into our innate essence. 

I began to share the practices with my inner most circle, simply from a place of passion and devotion to these ancient yet accessible tools for transformation. 


My first teacher training was an obvious step forwards to sharing Yoga on a more global scale. It gifted me the foundation and methodologies to guide others in their quest for greater internal freedom. 


Since then, Yoga has led me to explore, learn and live all over the world. 


I am eternally grateful for the tools to access the place of authenticity which lies within the heart. From this place, I am reminded that I am here to be of service for the greater evolution of consciousness. 

On the mat, I teach a fusion of Hatha and Kundalini inspired practices which incorporates movement and Kriyas to awaken the Pranic system. 


My highest aim is to empower others to live with greater integrity and gentleness as a way to return to essence. 

Pranams to those who have guided me in some way along my path:

My journey


when I was traveling through South America as a young adult and found myself living on an eco-farm in the outskirts of the Amazon jungle where I experienced living a holistic lifestyle. 


During this three month period I was immersed into various practices and teachings of Spirit alongside a community which valued harmonious living between one another and the Earth at large. 


It gifted me the experience to dive wholeheartely into the teachings of Yoga and planted deeper seeds that inspired me to cultivate a life based on the practice.


Merci Das, Octavio Salvado, Amir Jaan, Rod Stryker, Dylan Werner, Ulrica Salevik,

Dena kingsberg, Shiva das






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Tranemo Sweden

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