Extending to greath depth.

Philip Flow

Authentic yogic teachings for the honest practitioner.

Philips passion for the yogic sciences began 7 years ago traveling through the planes and jungles of Brazil, He facilitates and shares deep teachings fused from the traditional hatha tantric arts merged with kriya, mantra, yantra and with strong focus on the transformational aspects of meditation.


Philips years of teaching has been shared in numerous continents, From Costa rica and Sweden to Bali, Having shared at both festivals, conventions, trainings and studio based workshops worldwide

Philips knowledge and personal experience in the field of the spiritual teachings has forged him into a powerful conduit to assist those with a desire to move into the deeper planes and caves of reality, and to really explore what it means to be a spiritual being in a human body.



Retreats create a container for you to deepen your yoga practice on and off the mat.


All of my retreats offer an integrated approach to yoga through asana, pranayama, meditation, contemplation and carefully curated workshops encompassing practices and philosophies within various healing modalities. The surrounding nature and community based activities allow for a supportive environment for the practices to unfold.

I have been leading multiple international retreats,  They are some of the most rewarding experiences for both teacher and student, as there is time and space to build a deeper connection to ourselves, one another and the teachings.

My role is to guide and support you before, during and after the retreat with a safe space to unfold, awaken and integrate the teachings.

"A spiritual retreat is medicine for soul starvation. Through silence, solitary practice, and simple living, we begin to fill the empty reservoir. This lifts the veils, dissolves the masks, and creates space within for the feelings of forgiveness, compassion, and loving kindness that are so often blocked."






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Tranemo Sweden

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