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Philip Flow


The art of having full

control over yourself

A lifechanging And Evidence-based

Approach For Self Mastery.

Every committed person that I've had the privelege to work with has experienced transformational growth and change in their everyday life, resulting in better business and relationships.

Most people work to compete against the idealism of ‘success’, but we eventually found ourselves unmotivated, lonely and disappointed while often being stuck in a cycle of destructive behavior.

At some point, you have to realise and own what got you there, In fact, and take strong radical actions steps to build, create and manifest something sustainable. 

 To understand the depths of your own personality and with the willingness to grow beyond your conditioned behaviour, is the first steps towards moving into the life that you want to live.


Without professional guidance, this work can take years of your precious time and expensive trial and error.

So why waste more of your time and money when I can help you evolve out of the repressed and subconscious patterns that have been holding you back from being the entrepreneur, leader, partner or parent that you know you can be.

 Grow Beyond Your

Conditioned Patterns.

Theres no shortcuts to Self-mastery, Theres hundreds of false promises and free content out there, What I’ve learned from both doing the work myself and working with numerous clients over the years.

Is that looking into what's holding you back , holding yourself accountable and commiting to making a change through the impactful tools that i've gathered over the years, is a promising way to change your life.

Self help books, motivational speeches, seminars and workshops won't get you there. Facing whats needs to be faced and doing the real work from inside out, will.

Conditioned patterns far outweigh the short term inspiration, intentions and will-power you get from it.

I am here to encourge you to do real work — addressing the one and only REAL problem, dealing with reality, reclaiming, radical responsibility and accountability, facing your self destructive patterns and making life-changing decisions towards the person that you want to become.

And therefore Elevating yourself in all areas of your life.

Working With Philip.

My job is to find the deeper cause of the thing that is holding you back from personal success, we narrow down our focus to the one thing that you’ve been trying to suppress, avoid, postpone and hide from.

This is your opportunity for DEEP change and REAL long-lasting growth.

This is also where my intelligence comes into play — unraveling your subconscious patterns, mirroring the  truth and filtering out the BS-stories that have been holding you back from your true potential.

All of this, while I’m guiding you through evidence-based strategies and tools that have transformed both my life and the life of many.


Along with impactful tools on how to reclaim your health and power in all areas of your life, through the science of Biohacking, Meditation, Yogic disciplines, breathwork and so much more.

After working with me, you realise it’s not about them, there or the outside world, but about you and your inner capacity to deal with the reality of change.


A deep dive to elevate your life and accelerate your growth.





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