The act of raising from a lower place, condition, or quality to a higher;

Philip Flow


Trusted by thousands of students, entrepreneurs & high impact individuals.

I Guide Leaders to self mastery through

some of the worlds most impactful tools.

If you’ve made it to this page, my guess is that you’re hungry for more clarity, productivity, purpose and that deep feeling of being alive.

Like many of my clients, you're convinced that you're doing the right things to excell your life, but you just can't seem to truly go through with it.

What I’ve learned through several years of meditation, studying with everything from native shamans & yogic masters to billionares & game changing coaches to helping thousands of people, entrepreneurs & high-impact individuals through the science of self elevation is that real transformation only happens when you’re willing to discover, accept and integrate the unexplored and repressed parts of yourself.

And knowing that what you want, is not always what you need.

That's why im here, to keep you accountable & to give you to the right means and tools to propell you towards the life that you deserve.


Hi, I'm Philip!

A Dedicated Yogi, entrepreneur, performance coach, speaker and former gymnast.

After years of struggling in school, often feeling like a complete stranger to the norm and social narrative i decided to travel down to the outskirts of the Amazon jungle. Walking into what would become the complete redo of my mind, body & spirit. 


Having studied with numerous big masters of ancient medicine, my vision and mission has been to explore and live my truest potential —and to empower YOU to do the same, so that you can experience freedom, meaning and joy AS you’re maximizing your time here.

I’m now guiding high-impact individuals through radical change, i teach the science of yoga to hundreds of people every year and i work hard on providing tailored toolkits for people to practically implement into their daily lives.

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